• Importance of Local Government System
    Importance of Local Government System

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Community Empowerment sector has shouldered the responsibility of institutional building at grassroots level to support in bringing about a social change, thus taking the vulnerable and marginalized communities to the sustainable stage of development and self-reliance. It has social mobilization as a core activity and entry point followed by different development interventions including social and physical service delivery projects and coordinating and networking along with emphasis on gender balance and good governance. The main objectives of the programs are to mainstream the poor into a socio-economic development process and reduce their vulnerability.

Under the umbrella of Community Development Program VISWA is committed to work on Capacity Building & Social Mobilization, Mainstreaming of PWDs (Person with Disabilities), NO to Early Age Marriages, Linkages with line Departments and Access of Community to Decision Making.

VISWA’sCommunity Development initiatives seek to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to affect change in their own communities. These skills are often concentrated around with the formation of large social groups working for a common agenda of the development of their areas. VISWA works with individuals to affect communities' positions within the context of larger social institutions. The skill enhancement of community partners, strengthening of local institutions and capacity building of wide range of stake holders including local community organizations has remained the focus of VISWA. The Capacity building programs of VISWA have been developed and implemented through a process based on occupational and individual capacity development needs to ensure proper utilization of the training initiatives.

VISWA Approach to Community Development

Being an organization following a right based approach; VISWA contributes in the uplifting of the most vulnerable groups and in the rehabilitation of social infrastructure through advocating for the rights of vulnerable groups in the society. VISWA believes in bringing positive change in behaviors of the communities for bringing Community Development by Capacity Building and Social Mobilization, Control on Early Age Marriages, Empowering of Disable Persons (young/children and men/women) and make linkages with GLAs and ERPs. Therefore, VISWA stood with a committed aim and objectives:


Capacity Building & Social Mobilization:

VISWAaims the Social mobilization is a tool or an instrument, which enables people to put their efforts together for carrying out the joint activities unifying resources and building solidarity. This is a process, which enables the communities and individuals create their own democratic self-governing groups or community organizations empowering them to manage their own as well as community development. Effective social mobilization is aimed at sustainable social and economic development and the process of democratization.


VISWA work in partnerships with a broad coalition of individual Charity Group, and development agencies such as, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO and South Asia Partnership Pakistan SAP-PK Following Results has been achieved:

  • Formed 114 community groups (including male, female peasants and workers).
  • Conducted 354 Mobilization meeting of the groups in 100 villages of District Matiari.
  • 11 Dialogues, 09 Seminars, 02 Advocacycampaigns on Rights of Peasants and Workers. (total participation of 2,529).


Mainstreaming of PWDs(Person with Disabilities):

VISWA believes The Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and their mainstreaming is the Basic Rights of PWDs in the society, on this regard VISWA has worked by awareness, Seminars, and campaigns for equal Rights of PWDs (men/ Women, Young / children). Also, VISWA raised the awareness of the community about the rights of PWDs and CWDs ways to remove the physical and attitudinal hurdles in the way of PWDs’ mainstreaming in society along with providing the essential facilitation to PWDs. To promote basic human rights of PWD’s through awareness and resource mobilization remained the other major priority of VISWA. In the same way practical steps were taken to promote inclusive education and conducive learning friendly environment for the Children with disability (CWDs) in government primary schools. VISWA facilitated the community and other stakeholders to achieve the desired results with the optimal identification and utilization of indigenous local resources by making sure the ample participation of PWD’s Forums and the local community.


VISWA work in partnerships with a broad coalition of Civil Society and development agencies such as, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO and South Asia Partnership Pakistan SAP-PK Following Results has been achieved:

  • 11 teachers training on “Friendly and Motivated Environment for CWDs in Schools” in 11 Union Councils of all three Talukas of District Matiari. (Trained Teachers: 105)
  • 03 Awareness Seminars of “PWDs Rights in the Society” in Three Talukas of Matiari. (total participants: 406



Author : VISWA
Updated: 13-05-2013
Source: VISWA

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