• Importance of Local Government System
    Importance of Local Government System

    Walk for awareness on Importance of Local Government System in Pakistan


Democracy & Human Rights (DHR)

Pakistan has seen great political shocks in its history and democracy has remained the main causality in this phenomenon. So political culture of tolerance, respect of different opinions, active role of citizens in state affairs have not developed.

People of Pakistan have witnessed human rights violations in all its history, as county has been ruled undemocratically and democracy has not taken roots in our society. So our political culture has not developed yet. Institutions have not developed so people can get justice. Intolerance in every sphere of life has made in even worst. Human rights violation is with every deprived segments of society but women, peasants, religious minorities or sects, political opponents and free media is targeted. Reason for denial of basic human rights to the minorities, women, rural communities and youth is unawareness and no proper education of rights given by international and national laws. Even they are unaware of their basic legal and citizen rights.


VISWA Approach to Democracy & Human Rights

VISWAhas always worked for democracy in the country and for this purpose it has run many “Political Schools” where political education especially of democracy was given. Target groups for these interventions are activists of political parties, youth and women activists, and labor, farmer and community leaders.

VISWAalso monitors 2008 elections in the district Matiari and report whole process to the PACFRLE which is the network of different organizations monitoring elections. VISWA has always struggled for the human rights and its all activities, programs and projects are run in that direction because VISWA believes that human development is only possible by stopping human rights violation. And in this regard it is necessary to educate people about human rights and prepare communities to safe guard their rights in all sphere of life. Human rights violation is going on in all segments of society but women, religious minorities and labor and peasants are mostly targeted by the state machinery, feudal and exploiters in the society. Human rights violation is also evident with political opponents, youth and with different sects of same religion.


VISWAalso has a track record of advocacy for human rights with a broad coalition Civil Society organizations CSOs, Traders Associations, Community Based organizations CBOs,individual Charity Groups, and development agencies such as, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO, South Asia Partnership Pakistan SAP-PK and PACFREL Following Results has been achieved:

  • 02 Training workshops on “Democratic Education” in District Matiari (Total beneficiaries: 52 )
  • 04 Trainings Workshop conducted on “Human rights Protection” in District Matiari. (Total beneficiaries: 292 male + Female).
  • 02Rallies organized for the “human rights protection” in Hala and Matiari Talukas of District Matiari (Total participants: 240)
  • 06 Seminars held on “Human Rights Protection” in all three Talukas of District Matiari (Total participants: 972)
  • Conducted 07 training workshop for “Political awareness”. (direct beneficiaries: 235)


Democracy & Human Rights (DHR)

Author : VISWA
Updated: 13-05-2013
Source: VISWA

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