• Importance of Local Government System
    Importance of Local Government System

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Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

The DRR represent policy goals, one concerned with an ongoing problem (disasters) and the other with an emerging issue (climate change). While these concerns have different origins, they overlap a great deal through the common factor of weather and climate and the similar tools used to monitor, analyze and address adverse consequences. It makes sense, therefore, to consider them and implement them in a systematic and integrated manner. "DRR is the concept and practice of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to analyze and manage the causal factors of disasters, including through reduced exposure to hazards, lessened vulnerability of people and property, wise management of land and the environment, and the improved preparedness for adverse events.

Sindh has witnessed flood in 2010 and 2012 in which millions of people were displaced and property was damaged besides the loss of lives. Destruction of basic infrastructure lost of livestock and livelihood resulted in the increase in already poverty in the rural areas where their assets destroyed. VISWA response in this situation was very organized with the support of its volunteers, CBOs and youth groups.


VISWA Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction


Prevention, Mitigation, and Preparedness (PMP) is the channel through which VISWA works to decrease a community's vulnerability to natural disasters such as landslides, floods, mudslides, epidemics, and earthquakes, catastrophic rain or snow, and prepares them to respond rapidly and effectively to natural disasters. In this way, the initiative also seeks to ensure that communities are empowered in the learning process. There are a variety of activities in each category, including: building community awareness, the provision of communications equipment (two-way radios), and mitigation projects, such as flood retaining walls.


VISWA Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness program is based on a strategy of community preparedness and local capacity building which aims to reduce the vulnerability of over half of  total  population living in the rural and inaccessible areas of the District.


VISWA designed the Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) program to enable disaster resilient communities by training men and women in vital skill sets and empowering them with basic technical knowledge required to respond, survive and recover from disasters.


Through DRR Program VISWA intend to train community volunteers to utilize local resources to respond and manage local disaster situations. Volunteers undergo organizational, basic first aid as well as vigorous mountain search and rescue training. At community level, the volunteers are divided into planning and response groups ready to be deployed at short notice.


VISWA believes the active participation, so intend to educate and organize Volunteer Rescue Groups in effected communities to help old and children to save their life and make possible efforts for nutrition.



VISWA work in partnerships with a broad coalition of Civil Society organizations CSOs, Community Based organizations CBOs,District Forestry Department and development agencies such as, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO, Civil Society Support Program CSSP and South Asia Partnership Pakistan SAP-PK, Following Results has been achieved:


  •   Established 12 Medical camps for IDPs in all three Talukas of District Matiari. (Total beneficiaries: 503)
  •   514 familiesassisted by Clean Drinking Water and Fresh Food of Taluka Hala and Saeedabad of District Matiari. (Direct beneficiaries: 514; indirect beneficiaries: 3598)
  •   Established05 Camps for helping IDPs to get their Wattan Card in All Talukas of District Matiari. (Total beneficiaries: 3034)
  •   05training workshops to active CBOs, CSOs on “Disaster Management and Sustainable Development” in all three Talukas of District Matiari. (Total beneficiaries: 143)


Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

Author : VISWA
Updated: 13-05-2013
Source: VISWA

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