• Importance of Local Government System
    Importance of Local Government System

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According to Situation of Pakistan As per official statistics released by the Federal Education Ministry of Pakistan the overall literacy rate is 46 per cent, while only 26 per cent of girls are literate. Independent sources and educational experts, however, are skeptical. They place the overall literacy rate at 26 per cent and the rate for girls and women at 12 per cent, contending that the higher figures include people who can handle little more than a signature. The situation is especially alarming in rural areas due to social and cultural obstacles. One of the most deplorable aspects is that in some places, particularly vulnerable places, the education of girls is strictly prohibited on religious grounds. This is a gross misinterpretation of Islam, the dominant religion in Pakistan (96 per cent of the population), which like all religions urges men and women to acquire education.


VISWA Approach to Education Program

VISWAEducation for All (EFA) initiative emphasizes to bring the benefits of education to "every citizen in the society." In order to realize this aim, VISWA work in partnership with a broad coalition of District and Local Government, District Education Department Matiari, civil society groups, and development agencies such as, Sindh Education Foundation SEF committed to achieving specific Formal and Non – Formal Education Objectives:


Access to Girls Education: To Ensure that all children, particularly girls of most vulnerable and Rural Areas, those in difficult circumstances, and those belonging to ethnic minorities, have access to and complete, free, and compulsory primary education of good quality.

Formation / organization of Parents Teachers Councils: To Form Parents and Teacher Councils (PTC) for favorable coordination to ensure100% regularity and enrollment of children in schools and accountability of Teachers.

Ensure 100% Enrollment & Quality Education:To Eliminate gender and minority disparities in primary and secondary education, and achieve gender and minority equality in education, with a focus on ensuring girls' full and equal access to and achievement in basic education of good quality.

Primary Girls Schools in Rural & Vulnerable Areas:To open New Primary School in Remote and vulnerable areas, especially for girls to ensure 100% enrollment and achieve aim of VISWA – Education for All.

Capacity Building of Teachers:To Enhance capacity of teachers and aware about modern technique of Education and make equity in all children i-e minority, girls and boys.

Adult Education: To Ensure the improvement in adult literacy, especially for women, and equitable access to basic and continuing education for all adults to appropriate learning and life-skills programs.

Democratic and Political Education:To educate and aware All about democratic values thus enabling them to Form a truly democratic society and Better opportunities for young girls/women to freely participate in the political system and have increased information and knowledge about democracy and political rights.



VISWA work in partnerships with a broad coalition of Districtand Local Government, District Education Department Matiari, civil society groups, and development agencies such as, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO & Sindh Education Foundation SEF, and Following Results has been achieved:

  • Activate 17 School Management Committees (SMCs) 17 Villages of Taluka Matiari.
  • Arranged 05 Seminars on “increase girl’s education in rural areas” with 663 Participants.
  • Conducted 03 training workshop for capacity building of teachers.(direct beneficiaries: 103)
  • Established04 VISWA Primary Schools in remote & vulnerable areas of Taluka Matiari, 432 enrolled Students (direct beneficiaries: 432 ; indirect beneficiaries: 3042)



Author : VISWA
Updated: 13-05-2013
Source: VISWA

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