• Importance of Local Government System
    Importance of Local Government System

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In Pakistan, the nutritional status of children under five years of age is extremely poor. At a national level almost 40% of these children are underweight. Over half the children are affected by stunting and about 9% by wasting. A positive relationship exists between the age of the child and the prevalence rates of stunting and underweight. There are significant provincial variations in malnutrition rates in Pakistan, whereas no differences in malnutrition rates are apparent between sexes. The prevalence of stunting appears to be associated with the overall level of development of the provinces, being lowest in Sindh, the least developed province.


VISWA Approach to Health & Hygiene Program

VISWAis committed to its objectives works to improve access of healthcare to outreached communities by providing them access to basic health skilled health professionals and medicine and nutritional support with an emphasis on reducing maternal and child mortality. Training to local health works is provided to enable them to fulfill their needs and so that they could meet the health care needs of their communities. Health and hygiene education at the educational institution has remained an important component of all the VISWA’s Program.Water is the most basic of human needs and yet million around the world struggles to access safe, clean drinking water. VISWA pays a lot of heed to provide the vulnerable communities with access to clean potable water and sanitation’s facilities to promote the community’s health. The intervention of VISWA specifically designed to provide clean and safe and potable drinking water to vulnerable communities through new drinking water supply schemes and rehabilitation of existing water collection system. Training to the local members is delivering to manage these essential services. Poverty and ill-health often go hand in hand. Many factors such as poor diet, inadequate living conditions and lack of access to healthcare leave poor communities susceptible to illness and disease. The specific objectives are:

Access and Awareness to Basic HealthFacilities: Health Promotion, Awareness and Education of available resources of Basic Health of District Government to communities through active community participation.

Improving health status of community: To Strengthen District Health Systems through improvement in technical and managerial capacity at all levels and upgrading institutions and facilities.

Community based First Aid Trainings: To train and Aware the vulnerable and Rural community about emergence and advantages of First Aid.

Education & Facilitations Camps: To establish community based Facilitation Camps for Hepatitis / HIV and education for causes of Aids and HIV to vulnerable and rural community.

Anti – Drug Campaigns: To Launch Anti – Drug Campaigns for aware community about Drug Causes Death.

Mother and child healthcare: To Strengthen and upgrading of District Government Mother and child healthcare institute to reduce Maternal deaths, to aware, educate & open new mother and child healthcare centers in vulnerable and rural communities, where the ratio of Maternal deaths is maximum.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH): To Identify and eliminate epidemic diseases through Awareness and providing safe water through upgrading and installing of new Water Safety Plans.



VISWA work in partnerships with a broad coalition of Districtand Local Government, District Health Department Matiari, individual Charity Group, and development agencies such as, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO and Following Results has been achieved:


  • Conducted 04 awareness seminar on “Health and Hygiene “ in District Matiari; (total participants: 746)
  • 15 Dialogue programs on “basic health issues” in 08 villages of Taluka Matiari and 07 villages of Taluka Saeedabad of District Matiari. (total participants: 579 )
  • Conducted06 lectureprograms on “Polio, Aids and HIV, Mother and Child Health, population control, WASH” with Lectures by leading health experts and doctors of District Matiari. (direct beneficiaries: 275)
  • 02 awarenesswalks population control, 02 campaigns on “Drug Causes Death” in Taluka Matiari and Hala of District Matiari.



Author : VISWA
Updated: 13-05-2013
Source: VISWA

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