• Importance of Local Government System
    Importance of Local Government System

    Walk for awareness on Importance of Local Government System in Pakistan


About us



Villages Improvement & Society Welfare Association (VISWA) is a non-governmental, non-political, and not for profit organization. It was established in 1994 and registered under voluntary social welfare act 1961, and now registered under the societies act, XXI of 1860 since May, 2008  for the socio economic development of backward and economically unstable communities. Since then it has been involved in the community development projects with partnership of likeminded social development organizations and local philanthropists.

With long history of working with community development, our organization has evolved its approach from a welfare, working for small community and limited geographical outreach to a new position as provincial development organization with rights base agenda of empowering the vulnerable groups of society in Sindh. Along the way it has implemented number of development and relief projects as well as partnered and networked with local, provincial, national and international organizations strengthening its position as a proactive social change actor.

Our external environment is changing and so is our organization. We acknowledge this inconspicuous transition and have responded sporadically to make ourselves relevant through a documented long term plan. So first of all our organization got registration in joint stock companies under the Societies Act, XXI of 1860 to work smoothly in whole province.



  • An engendered development that enables marginalized majority taking appropriate actions for the rights to achieving quality life for all.


  • Socio-political and ecologically strengthening of society so that human equity and equality could be achieved by fostering economic development and rights regime.



To strive for improving the quality of life

  • by improve all aspects of the quality of education and ensure the excellence of all in rural and marginalized communities so that recognized and measurable learning outcomes are achieved by all, especially in literacy, numeracy and essential life skills.
  • by empower communities with special focus on women & youth through group formation, capacity building and Networking.
  • by undertake policy level advocacy and conduct and research on related themes and design appropriate intervention.
  • by provide access to basic health, improve functioning of existing services and hygiene education through community mobilization and participation.
  • by Facilitate mechanism which promotes tolerance, social harmony and peace in society.
  • by empower youth and promote indigenous leadership so that they become a source of real change in local communities.
  • by develop the basic community infrastructure for bringing improvement in their standard of living.
  • by develop the means of sustainable livelihood for the targeted communities through skill development and extension of the services of microfinance.
  • by struggling to achieve all Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).



  • Transparency
  • Equity
  • Equality
  • Quality
  • Neutrality
  • Participation
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Volunteerism
  • Sustainability



Every Individual, group or organization directly or indirectly associated with us by embracing common values, beliefs, interest and influence is among our stakeholders. Our stakeholders broadly comprise marginalized and vulnerable communities including youth women and children, minority, civil Society, Media and Lawyers, EPRs and GLAs donors, development partners.



  • Rural Communities
  • Religious Minorities
  • Person with Disability
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women 


About us

Author : VISWA
Updated: 31-12-2012
Source: VISWA
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