• Importance of Local Government System
    Importance of Local Government System

    Walk for awareness on Importance of Local Government System in Pakistan


Advocacy & Lobbying


Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.(Nelson Mandela)

The overarching objective of any lobby and advocacy strategy is to influence decision makers in order to advance and improve conditions for selected target group. Decision-makers can be politicians and policy-makers as well as other crucial decisive stakeholders, such as national & international agencies, but also religious leaders or tribal leaders. Both lobby and advocacy increase the scope of influence to improve policies and achieve structural change in key areas such as agriculture, health, education or trade.


VISWA Approach to Advocacy & Lobbying Program

Poverty and exclusion are largely caused and maintained through unequal power relationships at all levels. It is part of VISWA’s mandate to address the unequal power relations in the society. For this purpose VISWA engages with decision-makers. By using lobby and advocacy VISWA tries to exert influence on specific policy decisions and increase and stimulate the participation and emancipation of civil society organizations. VISWA is committed to its objectives:

Advocacy for Rights:To aware and educate the vulnerable and backward rural community to resolve & protection of Human Rights issues.

Forming & Educating Community: To form groups with active participation and train them for the protection of their Rights, involve and build linkage within policy makers to make effective policies and implementation.  



VISWA work in partnerships with a broad coalition of Districtand Local Government, District Health Department Matiari, individual Charity Group, and development agencies such as, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO, South Asia Partnership SAP-PK and Following Results has been achieved

  • 03 training workshops on UC level active participants in all three talukas of District Matiari. (Total direct beneficiaries:115 male & Female )
  • 03 Seminars on awareness on Human Rights and participation in Policy making. (total participation: 546 male & Female)


Advocacy & Lobbying

Author : VISWA
Updated: 13-05-2013
Source: VISWA

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